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All India Plastic Industries Association
Incorporated in 1982 AIPIA is a leading Association of SSI and Medium Scale plastic processing units in the country. As on date the Association has on its rolls 450 Life Members besides Annual Members with a total registration of 1340 spread all over the country including Nepal. Right from its inception, AIPIA has been one of the most active Associations of SSI and medium scale plastic processing industry which has been alive to the various areas of problems/ concern to the industry with regard to government duties, policy of raw material suppliers etc. It has been actively following up with various agencies to obtain satisfactory resolution of industry's multifarious problems.

Achievements of AIPIA
Over a period, AIPIA has many achievements to its credit some of which are -
  • Problems relating to Raw-Material supply:Often sales and pricing policies of the major raw-materials suppliers like PIL(NOCIL), IPCL, RIL, etc. are not always suiting to the needs of the tiny/ SSI/mediurn scale units who have limited finances. AIPIA has been trying to exert its influence so that raw-material suppliers frame such policies which do not go against the interests of the above industry
As an organised body, AIPIA always believes in dialogue with concerned agencies for sorting out industry's/mernbers' problerns/areas of concern. However, there are times when the Association has to approach relevant authorities for redressal of members' grievances.
  • MRTP case against PIL (NOCIL):As far back as 1986 a petition was filed with MRTP Commission by the Association complaining against discriminatory pricing policies of PIL which favoured large scale units. As a result of the complaint, PIL withdrew its discount policies and offered raw materials at uniform prices both to large scale as well as medium and small scale units. This has been a significant achievement. It is a matter of legitimate consolation that PIL has been following uniform price policy till date.
  • Complaint with Director General, I&R, MRTP against Reliance Industries Limited:During August 1997 AIPIA requested Director General, I & R, MRTP, to enquire into the discriminatory sales and pricing policies of RIL who have been offering discounts to bulk buyers resulting in availability of raw-materials to small scale units at much higher prices compared to many bulk buyers at a price differential which turns out to be even more than their processing cost. RIL have been also indulging in sharp fluctuation of prices over a short period which affected smooth working of SSI and medium units in as much as they found it difficult to plan their production and marketing activity. Owing to the pressure brought about by the reference to D.G., I & R, MRTP, RIL entered into a dialogue with AIPIA and have assured framing of such policies which do not go against interests of SSI and medium scale units. RIL's policy of entering into special deals was also complained against. As a result of the interaction with AIPIA, RIL have assured continuous interaction with AIPIA, so that areas of concern of SSI and medium scale units are taken note of by evolving suitable raw material pricing and supply policies.
  • AIPIA represented on Regional Advisory Committee and Public Grievance Committee of Central Excise:AIPIA has been privileged to be represented on both Regional Advisory Committee and Public Grievance Committee of Central Excise at Delhi. This forum is being utilised by the members for giving various suggestions for consideration of Government, besides grievances of the members are also discussed in the monthly PGC meetings for suitable redressals.
  • Representation on Industrial Advisory Board of NCT:President AIPIA has been a member of the Industrial Advisory Board for the NCT in the late 80s and early 90s. Government of NCT has been consulting AIPIA for their views/ comments on various policy measures relating to industries.
  • Membership of Bureau of Indian Standards:AIPIA members are also represented in various committees of the Bureau of Indian Standards which is evolving varieties of standards relating to processing of plastics/ various products etc.
Current activities of AIPIA
AIPIA is currently pursuing following matters with different levels of the Government of India and Government of NCT of Delhi/ other State Governments.
  • Reduction in Import Duty on Polymers
  • Various issues relating Central Excise
  • Suggestion for Abolition of Central Sales Tax or reducing the same to minimum level.
  • Provision of 'C' form to Cover Purchases from Sales-Tax Exempted Units situated in other states
Issues taken up with State Governments
  • Blanket ban should not be imposed on plastic bags and partial restrictions to be retained as per the Central Govemrnent's notification only.
  • Sales tax Related Issues
  • Categorization of Plastic Products/Poly Bags as Green in NCT
Membership of the Association
Life Membership:
A unit can become a life Member by giving a one time subscription of Rs.6100. By virtue of being a life member, their representatives are permanent invitees to the Association's Executive Body Meetings held on 10th of every month at Association's office at 3.00 p.m. Association's monthly journal 'PLASTIC WORLD' and Members Directory published every year are supplied free of cost to its members. Copies of important Government notifications/ circulars are also mailed to all members regularly.

Annual Membership:A fee of Rs. 750/- for the annual membership is chargeable + Rs. 100/- towards admission fee i.e. Rs.850/- a year. This entitles the annual members to receive journal, Plastic World, and Annual Members' Directory free of cost. Both Life members and Annual members have the privilege of giving their advertisements in the monthly journal as well as the Annual Members' Directory at a concessional tariff. AIPIA holds regular AGMs and publishes audited accounts every year to keep transparency.
Journal 'Plastic World'

Association regularly publishes its journal 'PLASTIC WORLD' which covers details of Association's activity, news items of interest to members besides it publishes various excise, customs, sales tax notifications. Articles on various tochno-commercial subjects are also published regularly. Journal has a circulation exceeding 5000. It is considered as one of the leading publications in the plastic processing industry sphere.

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