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Shree Vinayak Organics (I) Pvt.Ltd.Is, in its entirety, a name that indicates Only Quality and Consistency in the field of High Polymers in Emulsions & Solution form, for any industrial application. Born in March, 1988 in the commercial world of synthetic resin emulsions and adhesives, the Company's brand name "SHREE BOND" has earned top notch position within five years, as a brand Leader by Quality in the Indian Market through its high speed packaging in soap, carton, electronic industry, nontoxic, non-irritant products for sanitary napkins, band aids, foam etc., where consistent quality is a necessity of the day to have an edge over competitors.

The plant, equipments and quality control are designed to suit today's needs by the Polymer Technocrat from University Dept. Of Chemical Technology of Bombay University, which has in 1992 - 1993 bagged the merit as the best Institution in Industrial Research in the World.

Mr.L.V.Nayak, the CMD had since his childhood the dreams of having his own unit to promote Quality in the Global Market. He has to his credit throughout first class BSc (Tech) degree in Polymer Technology from UDCT & Management post graduate diploma (DMS) from Jamanalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Bombay University.

Products :
MANUFACTURERS & EXPORTERS OF 1. Shreecral PS-45 :All types of stickers, Bindis, Stock Labels, Sanitary napkins, Paper pads. 2. Shreecral SG / PS-P / PS-25 / PSB-5 :All makes of Bindis and stickers. 3. Shreecral SS-505 : Rigid PVC Precoating, PVC, BOPP, (Calilac 13110R Polyester, Cellophane, Alu, -Calico Chemical UK) Foam, Tapes, Stickers, decorative Film backing. 4. Shreecral SS-555 : Low tack, medium adhesion value solution polymer for coating Films for surface protection - steel, acrylic sheets, glass. 5. Shreecral SS-525 : Pressure sensitive acrylic copolymer in solution form for Petroleum, diesel resistant applications in automotive other Applications, high tech slicing tapes, cargo container inner lining with foam & so on. 6. Shreevyl LM-60 : Excellent product for side sealing of BOPP/Polyester or laminated cartons, manually or mechanically. 7. Shreevyl LM-66 : Paper labels to plastic bottles, jars, waxed paper to non waxed side sealing, jewel fixing, soap wrapping, PET cartons & uv cartons sealing. 8. Shreevyl N-55C : For high speed cartons sealing lane/light varnish. 9. Shreecryl SM-6 1. : Excellent acrylic copolymer for high- (Mowilith DM6 - Hoechst speed soap emulsion for high speed AG Germany) soap wrapping, paints, sand text finish. 10. Shreecryl CS-45 : Unique acrylic copolymer emulsion for PVC/ PET / BOPP Film laminated carton sealing, varnished and UV cured Varnished cartons sealing (manually/machine) 11. Shreevyl N-50 (PBT) : Specially formulated faster drying high adhesion value based giant wooden crate ( Wood / Thermocol, Wood/Soft Board) for sheet/ flat glass packing, composite container, paper cones, plane carton sealing on high speed machines furniture. 12. Shreecral HL-45 : Packing corrugated boxes and in packing fruits and other eatables which are exported to European countries where pinning is not allowed. 13. Shreevyl N-50 : Composite containers, textiles & leather finishing, Al/ Paper, Paper cones. 14. Shreevyl SC-70 : For Cigarette side pasting /cigarette cork tiiping and textile finishing. 15. Shreevyl LM-225 : 1. Latest product developed for sanitary napkin industry for fiber to film bonding non-toxic, non irritant. 2. For manufacture of cartons (big commercial/CFC) on high speed machine, glue fed through fine nozzles. 16. Shreevyl CP-45 : PVC/Cork wads 17. Shreesyn Resin SL-90 : Stock labels manufacturing. 18. Shreevyl LM-50 / SP-50 MLV : Carton sealing, Varnished & Waxed Carton Sealing on high speed machine. 20. Shreevyl JL-545 : Copolymer emulsion for PVC/PET/BOPP/Film Laminated, PET/Glass Bottle Labelling/Carton Sealing , UV curved varnished cartons, Waxed carton Sealing, Matt BOPP carton sealing.

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